Valpolicella DOC 2017 375ml

Valpolicella DOC 2017 375ml

Valpolicella wine derives from the vinification of fresh grapes, mainly Corvina and Corvinone.
The harvesting period is very important for this wine, due to the delicacy of its aromas and to the fragile sensory balance in which acidity plays a fundamental role.

Our Valpolicella is a very drinkable wine that expresses the traditional aromas of the valley, which range from cherry up to more or less pronounced spicy notes, depending on the vintage. The perfect olfactory balance is achieved with

a short refinement in steel that emphasizes the sensorial peculiarities of the wine.

  • Grape variety

    Corvina 55%, Corvinone 25%, Rondinella 20% 

  • Colour


  • Alc. content


  • Capacity


  • Closure


  • Allergens

    Contains Sulphites

  • Vineyard

    Brigaldara and Marcellise (150/200 mt a.s.l.)

  • Winemaking

    The grapes are selected in the vineyard and placed in 200kg- crates. The wine is left in contact with the grape skins during fermentation. It is pumped over twice a day with a delestage half way through the fermentation process. During the whole process, temperature is kept between ca. 22°-24° to preserve the fresh and delicate aromas.

  • Aging

    Stainless steel

  • Bottling site

    Azienda Agricola Brigaldara/ Via Brigaldara, 20/IT-37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR), Vertrieb distributed by VinumTerra Unit 1 - The Gate Centre, Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9DD

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